VEIKK VK1560 Drawing Tablet Review

22nd November 2018 review

First impressions, I literally said ‘wow’ as I unpacked the box as it has a stunning widescreen 1080p display, this leaves lots of room for drawing as Photoshop panels can usually take up a lot of space on a smaller display.  When switched on the viewing angles seem ok and there are no screen reflections either. On the tablet itself there is a place to hold your pen, I wish all drawing tablets would have this feature as I’ve lost my pen on several occasions. There is also a pen case that resembles a glasses case, inside has soft and hard replacement nibs and a metal grabber when you need to pull out the nib on the pen to replace it. This package comes with a drawing glove too, so no need to buy one separately. Many ask why I use a glove, it’s to stop your hand from sticking to the screen allowing it to glide easier as you draw.  The tablet has 8 express keys but the scrolling dial is definitely my favourite feature. It’s great that when using Photoshop, with a tap of a button you can switch the scrolling wheel to be used for zooming in/out or changing the pen size.  The pen itself is super light compared to what I’ve familiar with (Wacom 13HD Cintiq) but it was quick to get used to. The pen has two standard customisable buttons (via the software) on the side and does not require batteries or charging either, which is a bonus.

Setting up the tablet was quick, as with the VEIKK A50 (previously reviewed) you are required to go on the website to download the software and drivers that enable you to use and customise how it works. This being customising the mapping of keys, pressure sensitivity etc. Using Photoshop I noticed with a tap of a button you can switch the scrolling wheel to be used for zooming in/out or changing the pen size. Love it! Upon further use I found using the soft nib on the pen made a noise while drawing but switching to the hard nibs corrected the issue. This was when the setup become rocky as I ran into a Windows Ink issue where the pen had no pressure or would close anything open rather than draw. Contacting VEIKK customer service reassured me it was an issue they were already in the progress of fixing and a few days later I was contacted with a link to a new driver, fixing the issue. Very helpful customer service! It was easy to adjust anything visual such colours and settings as on the back there are several buttons that brings you into a menu you would find with any monitor.

As with other tablets in this price range the wobble when drawing a slow straight line was there but minimal, you would be drawing with a little vector stabilisation in your drawing software anyway that corrects this. The ‘screen to monitor’ gap is small and I did not notice any parallax or lag while drawing. The cables are placed under your left hand where you would hold it and that’s the only tiny issue I had while drawing. I did notice when moving the tablet there would be a rattle, sounds like loose screws but it’s the noise of the built in stand. The stand is solid and very easy to adjust. It may be the best I’ve seen on a pen display yet!

It’s such a beautiful tablet, especially for the price and it’s amazing to use, with only a few very minor nit picking issues. It’s like VEIKK has taken everything that works and looks greats from what’s already in the market and combined them to create the VK1560 and a love them for it!


  • It looks super slick!
  • Built in pen holder is handy.
  • Lovely vibrant colours with a wide 1080p display.
  • Scrolling wheel is great to use while creating art.


  • Too minor to mention, so NONE!


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