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'I strongly recommend working with Adam! His work is always top notch and he brought integrity and uniqueness to Toppluva. When we hit a bump in the road Adam always had our back and we were able to find solutions. We can't wait to work with him again! 

Michael and Andy
Game Developers


Adam does not simply provide artwork; he invests himself in the final product. He was by our side as a true member of the team every step of the way. The entire presentation of our game benefited from his feedback and advice.

Plus – he’s just plain fun to work with!

Clayton Skancke
Overworld Games


'The design direction of Chain Quest changed twice before we settled with Adam. His unique style helped us to stand out from the masses. Also he was a joy to work with: his ideas, dedication, fast response times and easy communication resulted in the art we dreamed of.'

Max Opitz & Adam Görtz
Game Developers


'I had total blast working with Adam on Beyond Gravity. His artistic skill combined with his passion for games was valuable addition to the team. Adam is very hard working and won't compromise on quality.'

Vladimir Roth
Qwiboo Ltd
Game Developer

'Adam has a crazy unique art style, and I was delighted when he agreed to produce content for Gun Monkeys. I found him enthusiastic, and keen to do what he could to make the project a success. I was delighted with everything he produced for me, and would heartily recommend his services.'

Dan Marshall
Size Five Games
Game developer

'After seeing Adam's fantastic art style in Beyond Gravity I approached him to help with my Lift Off! Get me off this Planet! Kickstarter campaign. Adam's an easy going professional and fantastic to work with. His style and approach are perfect for a variety of gateway boardgames.'

Eduardo Baraf
Video game & board game designer

'By far the best artist I've worked with. Adam has a wonderfully distinctive style and always delivers quality work.'

David Williamson
Game developer

'Adam did an amazing job on a commission for me and my wife. Communication was fantastic and we openly bounced ideas off each other. In the end, he took the vague ideas I threw at him and turned them into a cohesive and charming illustration.'

Kevin Schultz

'Working with Adam on 42 Orbs has been a joy, besides the excellent art direction and art style he is very fun to work with and most important he is super talented. If you want someone to deliver quality work, answer promptly and help with art direction, Adam is your man.'

Iancu Tudor
2 Door Games
Game Developer

'Adam has a playful, quirky and very distinctive style - which is why I was delighted when he agreed to do some illustrations for the credits sequence for my short animated film, Fangus.

He really captured the essence of the character and his use of colour and composition is superb. Beautiful work!'

Judith Johnston
Artist & Modelmaker

'Over recent years it has been my pleasure to collaborate on a number of projects on which Adam Foreman has worked, and every time I have found myself greatly impressed by his output.

His capacity to assess, digest and divulge creative information in order to generate precisely the correct energy demanded by any given scenario is a true gift, and speaking as a musician, I can say without equivocation that he continually makes my job easier by providing astonishing visuals that bring the piece to life.

Not only is his artwork first-class – continually delivering his trademark rich and colourful style and stunning character to illuminate an original vision – but his work rate is phenomenal, his drive, desire and determination inspirational, and his ability to generate ideas and to think outside a ‘graphic design box’ to the broader requirements of the project as a whole make him in my view a tremendous asset as a partner on any visual project.'

David Burrows

'Being such a small site and podcast on the always busy internet we were incredibly fortunate and grateful that Adam not only supported us with words of encouragement in the beginning, but that he also took the time out of his busy schedule to work with us on making our content better and more professional.

With a terrific and distinct art style and a kindness and respect that can be hard to come by these days, working with Adam was a pleasurable experience and one that we still look back on fondly. Seeing his art daily while we work on our content still makes us smile.'

Chuck Zodl
Counter Attack!
CA Radio! Podcast

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